Monday, September 3, 2012

Where do zucchinis come from? The zucchini stork of course!

Did you know that some people have enacted a National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day?  It's August 8th.  I would like you to know that if you need a neighbor's porch, you can borrow mine.  I stinkin love zucchini.  This week alone I have gone through approximately 11 cups of zucchini as a result of friend's belated celebration of this holiday.  I am most certainly not complaining.  I have made zucchini brownies, my zucchini flax seed muffins, a palealasgna (fed that one to small children, which I forgot don't eat adulty things like goat cheese... oops) and of course stir fries.  If you were a carnivore and tried to eat me, that is probably what I would taste like.  I'm sure I have little mini zucchinis growing in my stomach an all that jazz too. 
As the zucchinis begin pouring into my kitchen (which I hope they continue to do because I am a very good neighbor) I am starting to enjoy the creative side of zucchini.  There is so much more to a zucchini then meets the eye.  When I came across a recipe for whole wheat zucchini cookies, I said to myself, "Duh, these soooo need to be in your mouth."  Around that same time, I purchased a vanilla gelato. The next step was an obvious one.  What does one do with a whole wheat zucchini cookie recipe and vanilla gelato? Um, make an Italian ice cream sandwich the size of your face.  Hellooooooo.  So I did.  Then I had friends over for dinner and they helped me eat the monster ice cream sandwich.

It was a truly glorious thing.

Being that it was the size of my face and covered the whole platter, it would have been an Olympic event trying to consume it all myself.  Not saying I couldn't do it, but I am saying that my pants may or may not have buttoned the next day.  A slice was a better life choice. 
Are you wondering how it was?  Well, one of the kiddos said as she was chowing down on her slice that I was going to be famous for this.  It was yummy but I would have to argue that I think I am more likely to be famous for one of my so-much-chocolate-it-blows-your-mind kinda recipes. We'll see...
I've never even really desired to be famous but today as we were walking around the Taste of Colorado and I was oogling over the food trucks I thought an awful lot about that.  To be famous for the best ___ in town, with everybody curling around the block just to have a plate of your no-body-makes-them-this-good-except-my-mama food.  That would be the life.  Some day? After kids decide I am no longer hip enough to make their brains explode with knowledge, I believe I will open up one.  Now comes the task of picking what I want to be known for...  Not an easy task. Food truck legacy is not a matter to be taken likely. Brownies? Cheesecake? Veggie fare?
In all reality though, any legacy left behind is not a flippant choice.  How we make our mark matters.  Having the best brownies in town does not even begin to offer depth to the legacy I wish to leave behind.  From a top secret recipe sold from a food truck, to the Zumba certification training I am having on Friday (*gulp*) I choose to walk with purpose.  Each action writing the legacy I get to leave behind.  So yes, fame can come, but may the fame acquired in my life be solely to point to the Famous One as I seek His heart with great intention. THAT'S what I'm living for. (Although I don't mind that you find my brownies to be the bombdiggity.  I'll bake them for you always and forever.)
"Let us know; let us press on to know the LORD; His going out is sure as the dawn; He will come to us as the showers, as the spring rains that water the earth." Hosea 6:3


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