Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Save the planet. Recycle your cakes!

Earth day was Sunday.  Yay Earth!  I spent the day riding my bike and reminding my skin that while I hang out with a lot of tan people, I am not a tan person.  My wardrobe today avoided the red hues as to not accentuate my lobster-like coloring.  Not gonna complain though.  Life on a bike is always better.  I appreciated the excuse to zoom around on two wheels and get an awesome hair-do from my helmet.  What I love about being a Coloradan is I went to church immediately after my ride, and my slightly flattened (and yes believe it or not my hair does have the ability to flatten) hair matched about half of the people there who had also been sporting about all day.
Being a Coloradan, recycling is also rampant.  In an effort to support our planet and save the earth, I decided cake recycling should also be practiced.  You know how you cut a cake, enjoy a cake and then want to enjoy it the next day and it has not held it's moist state and then you want to cry?  Well, recycle your cake instead.  Go green.  Do cake pops.  While some fools have been tricked into buying expensive cake pop machines that bake the cakes into cute little balls, they do not know what they are missing.  If you take the already baked cake and mix it up with the frosting and roll it into a meatball it is like heaven in your mouth.  Trust me, heaven is worth the few extra calories.  Then these cake-y meatballs are dipped in the melted goodness and rolled in cookie crumbs.  Oh yes.  Recycling can be delicious.  No more dry cake.  No more tears.  Just heaven in a spherical form.

Can you see all the moistness that is happening in the middle of that?  Cake pop makers you by at the store are a weak attempt at delicious in comparison.  They just bake cakes into spheres. Don't even waste your pantry space (which you know is precious).  I have been oogling over a lot of kitchen gadgets recently.  Kitchen stores are a dengerous place.  There are so many things to buy.  I mean, who doesn't need a special brownie pan that makes all edge pieces, a heart shaped donut pan, a blow torch or an icing gun?  Obviously those are necessities.  And since you are saving the Earth now by recycling your cakes, being a greater consumer of baking materials won't make a huge dent in the environment.  Everything balances out in my book. 

*Sigh* Justification is a glorious thing.  It allows me to get totally uneccessary baking tools, eat frozen yogurt by the pound in the name of "it's better for you than..." or drink massive amounts of caffeine because I am sure I can identify someone who has a worse addiction than me.  Justification allows for my zero calorie rules and my overly type-A-if-I-don't-do-it-who-will attitude.  This kind of justification however, while it excuses bad behaviors and character flaws is no comparison to the Jesus kind.

"Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ," Romans 5:1

I can dig that. 

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