Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wedding Cakes and Easy Bakes

It is official.  As my lease ends in September I have come to the glaring realization that my next residence needs nothing more than a kitchen.  I will have a bed that turns into a dining room table, or maybe not even have a bed, just buy more Rockstars and Starbucks.  I think this is a wise investment, as I spent Thursday afterschool pretending like my size-of-a-miniature-poodle kitchen was really a commercial size kitchen and proceeded to make a baseball hat carrot cake, a coconut baseball cake, chocolate cupcakes, an ice cream cake and 3 flavors of frosting.  Things got interesting. It is never a good idea to have dense carrot cakes that are sculpted into a baseball hat delicately balancing on your coffee maker with the prayer that it doesn't fall when the sculpted cake has reached the status of being called "my baby."  Its like trying to bake a wedding cake in an Easy Bake oven; it just shouldn't happen.

These cakes were then transported and my friends who helped in the transporting probably didn't realize that they put their lives on the line for coming to my aid because if they dropped one, I was prepared to make them pay ("end them" if you will).  Yeah, I get attached to my projects sometimes.  Character flaw? Probably.  But I have decided that instead of dealing with this unhealthy attachment to my baked goods, I should probably just move into a kitchen and mask the issue.  Logical.  Regardless, the cakes made it to their destination in one piece. 

See?  This is the cake.  At it's destination.  In one piece.  There was one smudge of black icing but I decided to spare my helper's life since it was a 98.4% success (which is a passing grade).  Smudged icing is still delicious icing.  In addition, the baseball cake in the background made it without a hitch.  Plus?  In Ace of Cakes people have commited greater errors in transportation and they still maintain their living and breathing status and even their jobs as cake gurus so I decided a little grace was in order.  Thank goodness I have Jesus to teach me how to be nice to people like this, eh? 

That is something that has been running through my mind a lot lately.  We all have these things that bring the carnal side of us out, the ugly parts of us that we would rather others not bare witness to.  The reality is there is a whole lot of my character that has been transformed by the grace of God.  This grace covers me and compells me to be a better me.  Though flaws are abundant, there is a clear mark left by my Maker who continually refines me and for that I praise.  I am compassionate and sweet not because I am massively sugared from all of my baking projects but because I am loved greatly by the greatest Lover of all time. 

"We love because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19

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