Sunday, October 17, 2010


Nearing November 2, there is always a heightened awareness to politics.  The question is always asked, "What is your platform? What do you stand for?"  When we think about most uses of the word platform describe as a foundation, indicating a firm base to stand on.  One of the interesting ways I found the word platform used was as a computer term.  Platforms were defined as an architecture or framework that allows something to run.

Being a person of a passionate nature, I often have opinions about topics and beliefs: my platform.  But frequently I wonder if our opinions just remain as something firm to stand upon?  One of my dear friends, Krisi Johnson, shared this link with me, Why I Fight.  It is a beautiful picture of a couple, obedient to God's calling, who did not stand firm but is allowing something to run.  Their project is about a passion I shared (immigration), and I sat there in class moved almost to tears (but refrained because then I would have to understand the reason for the tears and admit that my attention was not on her scattered palaver about backwards design in curriculum).

Today I am asking the questions, how can we live in a way that our convictions and passions are not merely claims but a way of life?

So, I am curious, what organizations do you value and think are worthwhile to invest in?  Post the links here!  Let's rally behind important things together.

I started my list:
Red Rocks Church : My church, who does an awesome job of being
Denver Public Schools: How I get to serve an incredible population of underprivileged group of kiddos
Tennyson Center for Children: a faith based safe house for kids in rough family situations I go to with my bible study
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation:  discovering ways to help cure type 1 diabetes
National Association for Bilingual Education: advocating for and educating about bilingual education

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