Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The times they are a changin (or really just the length of my hair)

So, besides the fact that I thoroughly enjoy educating the future of America and my kiddos are a lovely part of my day, in my other life I really really really really want to bake. (Really really really).  So, how do I combine those two loves? Oh yeah, throw a party and make my kids these awesome cupcakes for no reason at all.  See awesome cupcakes here: Juicy Lucy Burger Cupcakes.  Yeah. Awesome, right?  So its happening.  I give my students marbles for each time I catch the class doing exactly as I asked and let's just say the marbles have been flowing into that jar so I can make them these cupcakes soon!  It helps that this class is ridiculously well behaved and I am blessed this year with that, but none the less... CUPCAKE fever. 

Also you should also know that when I am not thinking about cupcakes, I am shaking in my boots over this haircut that is occurring in my life tomorrow.  I donated my hair to Locks of Love five years ago for the second time, but the stylist gave me a fro and since then hair cuts have been few and far between.  I am to beauty shops as kids are to the dentist.  I avoid them.  So tomorrow I am doing the big chop again.  I emailed the stylist and put in bold, NO FRO PLEASE.  Okay, I didn't go that far but I was tempted to.  She is coming to the school tomorrow and my students get to watch the transformation.  Seat belts for safety! or helmets, or whatever you might need for this life-rocking event.

Finally, I will officially be done with my masters this Saturday.  I will celebrate, but not until October after I forget my strong dislike of my professor and the bitter taste has left my mouth.  I plan on having a baking project.  I have been mulling over ideas.  I am wanting to make more artsy-fartsy goodies that look as bomb as they taste.  So, here it goes.  As a rule, I avoid the cutesy things because it often comes at the cost of taste, but I will be a purist and make only the best.  No fondant here!  So off we go! Next baking challenge... waaaaahooooo!

Welp, thank you all for stumbling upon these musings and actually making it to this paragraph.  I applaud you (and if you are around me I might even hug you- sorry readers from afar, you don't get one of those).  I have to say, I feel like God has got me in a good season right now.  I'm blessed!  Until next time!...

Peace, love, and enjoying my last day with long hair and using a half bottle of hair products per day.

(Don't worry I'll take pics!)

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