Saturday, September 24, 2011

Victory in Slow Motion

Do Do Do Do Do Dooooo Duhduhduh Do Do Do Do Do DUHduhduhduh. In case you are wondering what that song is, its this one: Chariots of Fire.  Yeah that one.  That's the sound of victory.  If you want to know, this song can be contextual to my life next to never because I HATE to run.  I loooove to work out, its something psychological maybe but regardless, running is not my thing.  But today I am feeling victorious, hence the song of victory.  You see, last year I was coerced into running a race.  Remember the aforementioned hatred of running?  Yeah, was more true then than it is now.  But, I like my friend, so I accepted the invite and my stubborn butt ran the whole 4 miles.  I was slow, but I did not stop.  By slow, I mean I could have power walked around the mall 10 minutes faster than I ran this race.  I finished with an end time of 58 minutes and some change.  The most ironical thing is that I was assigned the number 1 for my running tag last year.  I was definitely NOT in first place or in any hopes of getting there.  So this year I moved from turtle categories.  Last year I would have been classified as a box turtle (about .25 mph) and now I will call myself a terrapin turtle, which apparently is comparatively faster, while still a turtle.  I cut 9 minutes off my time!  Still slow? Definitely but I whopped old-me's butt.  So, ha! Take that old-me.  VICTORY!  Maybe the bigger feat was that I did it without anyone making me except my own stubbornness.  Maybe next year I will attempt again and chop some more time off. I am determined.  Also, you should know I named my playlist for the run "Si se puede" which I think helped.  It started off with some Van Halen's Jump. Mid run, right up the hill, the song that came on was this: Mika's Big Girl (You Are Beautiful).  That song took me right up the hill.  Finished up with some Da Family's Boom Boom Mama.  Playlist also equaled victory.

I love this feeling but as I relish in my own little victory, I am feeling overwhelmed by the awareness that God's victory is so much greater.  He does things far bigger in the blink of an eye, almost as an afterthought.  Like what about that one time God helped David kill Goliath with a sling shot, or helped Joshua conquer a city by just marching around it 7 times, or won a battle with 300 men, or a battle was won just because Moses held up his rod above the battle.  Now THAT'S victory. 

I'm gonna end today with my song of victory.  It is not one that you will find on a soundtrack but I love God's victory.  He is good!

"But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Corinthians 15:57

Peace and love y'all!  (And don't worry, I'm baking soon!)

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