Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3,2,1...Blast off into the world of blogging!

And on the 8th day, God created this egocentric mechanism for people to vomit their musings for the world to hear: blogs.  Ok, actually He didn't and most days of my life I find the idea of blogging to be humorous because I think to myself, do people actually want to hear about the pathetic, random or deeply huh? kind of bits of my life?  In the end, I decided that blogging is an interesting outlet and I have enjoyed partaking in the reading of others life ponderings, so it is about time I share a bit with the world as well.

I have blogged before about my travels to Mexico, and while life in Denver is not a great adventure to Mexico, a class full of 21 seven and eight year olds will surely provide some entertainment for the world.  Also, my spiritual quest will provide the occasional musing or moment of awe.  A blog created by me, would also be not complete without the inclusion of some mouth watering recipes created in my kitchen.  So, hope you enjoy this adventure! This is 1 small step for man (and it is a very small step because everyone and their mother-including my own) has a blog, 1 not so giant leap (maybe more an attempt to leap with your feet caked in dried cement) for man kind.

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