Monday, September 27, 2010

and they lived happily ever after...

To recount the current chick flicks of late: 2 girls have been riding on bicycles and run over by their soon-to-be-soul mates, some have become pregnant then met the man of their dreams, some have been whisked away to undesired locations only to be saved by some knight in shining armour.  Watching one of these romantic movies can leave any girl midst a cloud of dream and fantasy.  To be whisked away is the dream of almost every girl, but the more and more I spend a girls night watching a chick flick the more I desire something greater.  Sitting in yoga today, I got to meditate on this song.  A reminder of a romance that won't disappoint, that creates a greater satisfaction than any I-can't-believe-its-not-butter man will ever give. Don't get me wrong, some day my man will come but he will not be my hope, I am already claimed.  Here it is for you to enjoy.   

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