Friday, September 24, 2010

"Only try to realize the truth." "What truth." "That there is no spoon at all."

I would enjoy using this logic for the calories of the dark chocolate cookies I just consumed (there are no calories at all), the trouble of the students who spit into each other's ears today at recess (children always make great choices), or the tiredness I feel from never sleeping (4.5 hours is all the body ever needs anyways).  The truth is: truth is smacking us in the face every day.  As a society, we try to avoid reality with so many coping mechanisms.  I try to be a super human and never sleep but cover it up with energy drinks, coffee, tea and I probably would walk around with an IV full of caffeine if it were convenient and I didn't get a million weird looks everyday for it's presence.  Credit cards in our society allow us to feel limitless. Plastic surgery allows us to mask our imperfections.  We binge and indulge to compensate for our lacking.
It is time we stop "bending the spoon" (bending our reality) to make it comfortable because it doesn't work and it is not how we were created.  There is a gaping hole in our hearts, lives, and souls. There is only one remedy.  The more we bend reality, the less we acknowledge the absence of a God was created to complete us.  The stark reality of our brokenness or fallacies bring us to the one who can make us whole.

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