Saturday, April 16, 2011

This story has potential punch line of a kids knock knock joke but you get to hear it anyways

My kids yesterday said, "Ms. A, Ms. A we have a joke for you! Knock Knock."  To that I of course replied "who's there."  "Peanut butter." "Peanut butter who" "Stop eating me!"  Thats it.  I waited for more, for a clever kick at the end but...nada. Not that it mattered though. Regardless, each time a kid tells you knock knock you always say, "who's there" even though you know it will be another lame joke that only 8 year olds find humor in.  I'm okay with that, because every once in a while along comes that funny one; the one that results in a laughter that bubbles up from the inside and flows out at an embarrassingly loud volume.  The result is unpredictable but each laugh I have experienced is irreplaceable.  I am grateful for invitations to laugh as these.  I love the simple joys and blessings of a note of being the best teacher in the universe (even when there has never been a contest, rubric, or meeting of each teacher in the universe by the student handing me such an award), a smile when I greet them in the morning and my little jumping beans hopping up and down upon my sight or the sweet words of people I love.

From the heart of a girl who loves to carry the wait of the world on her shoulders (as if she has much to do with their resolutions anyways) I wanted to have a little cheeze-o moment and share a few of my favorite things. Even though its not raining and we cant all fit on one bed with our it is.  A few of my favorite things (in no particular order):
Piling my face with laundry right after it comes out of the dryer
Dancing when no one is watching
Apples, celery, carrots and all other things a rabbit might consume
My students
Baby Mama
Delicioso with Ingrid Haufman
Looking down from the summit of a mountain you just hiked up
Singing at the top of my lungs
Sharing food with friends and family
Bad knock knock jokes
Dark chocolate
Blasting songs with the windows rolled down, sun shining, 82.3 degrees
107 2nd graders singing your rap at the top of their lungs
Exercising while watching The Last Cake Standing (it makes me feel rebellious)
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
The Good Book
Uninhibited worship

Somedays just need a little reminder of those sweet things of life. This is one of those days. A day to relish in all things favorite.  A day to have a jammin song like Forget You on repeat and rock out.

Peace, love and jam, y'all.

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