Saturday, April 2, 2011

Superfoods, Superdelicious, Supershouldbellegaltoeatsomethingthisgood

As of late, I am on a superfood kick.  I was already eating like a rabbit except in dessert land.  I thought I would give a healthy twist to my sweet tooth (although this recipe is so amazing I am doubting its actual health).  The good news is I never have to know because the recipe came in the metric system.  I choose to not count calories if they come in the metric system.  They are freebies (along with things consumed during vacations, batters before they are baked, and things that are burnt).  Those are my caloric rules.  I am not sure I will find a nutritionist to back me up on them but that's fine by me.

So, today's recipe is a dark chocolate blueberry cookie.  Antioxidants like you wouldn't believe and a decadent treat.  I rarely lick the batter any more, but I can't say that batter didn't pass these lips.  It. was. good.

So, here it is
the superdelish, superfood, supercookie:

Converted, mixed, baked and soon to be enjoyed.  

If you want the recipe, Ill pass it along but I will give it to you in the metric so you can say that you used your science conversion skills once in your life.  Application of that good education you received. 

I only requested that you listen to In the Heights soundtrack during the baking process.  It adds flavor, maybe not to the cookies but to your hips.

Peace, love and bake y'all!

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  1. You are hilarious. I love your caloric rules.