Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some people are type A, others are type B, I think I'm type LMNOP...

My Friday began innocently enough.  A great plan in store for my kiddos, after 3 days of testing, it was time for a well-deserved celebration.  The plan? Bead-making out of magazines for necklaces we are going to sell at our school cultural community event, a donut party and the wonderful finishing touch of a movie. Lovely plan, no?  So we begin with bead-making, but I quickly remember two things.  1.) I am a perfectionist. 2.) My second-graders are not manufactured bead making machines, but second graders.  Bead making created approximately 1,000 beads. Woohoo! Post bead making created approximately 6 hours of me, checking each bead for usability, re-rolling and re-gluing.  Joy. In the process, I came to this conclusion: I am type LMNOP.  A type LMNOP person not only is a perfectionist, much like a type A person, but tries to be a master in everything.  Extracurricular activity lists exceed 20, hours of sleep rarely exceed 6.  Type LMNOP people do not just dabble in a little of this and a little of that but try to be 6 people in one.  Currently I bake, cook, salsa dance, zumba, bike, hike, am a gym rat, read, plan weddings, paint canvases, paint pottery, teach, go to church, and bible study.  This is me.  Type LMNOP.  These are my beads. My wake up call. I need an intervention.

(If beads could talk, they would be yelping, "Help her! Help her!)

In related news, the beads do rock, however, they will be made into necklaces by my kiddos, AND they will be sold. This Thursday. At the escuela.  Rock!  Loooove when kids get to make a difference.  Its my favorite.

Just like this chip cookie:

Peace, Love, and Let-it-go!


  1. It sounds like you got a mutant combination of both of your parents. You may be LMNOP; I am LMAO!

    Is this why you needed magazines? Are mine too late?

  2. You are hilarious. I love it!