Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pixie Dust Has Zero Calories and Other Things You Learn at Fairy School

Once upon a time in a not-so-far-away land, there lived a bunch of little munchkins.  These munchkins loved school. They loved learning math and the magical powers of numbers that combined and divided with ease.  In science they learned of carnivorous plants, which they imagined as dragons guarding some treasure of the forest within. What they loved most of all were the mystical characters that jumped off the pages and into their imaginations, of the villains, princes, princesses and ogres embedded into marvelous tales spritzed with pixie dust.  Then one day, as the students were engrossed in process explanation books (our typical "how to"), a student was whisked away into the land of fairies with a book all about fairy baking.  Her teacher peered over her shoulder and eagerly accepted the challenge to bake as a fairy would.  So that night, she packed her things and headed on the long journey to Fairyland Culinary School.  What she would encounter next would surprise her...

O.k. people, enough with the once-upon-a-time thing but seriously, this recipe came from a book in my classroom about throwing a fairy party with whimsical fairy-like treats that one of my students suggested I make.  Can you believe that it called for 2 cups of butter???? Hence, I quickly realized that fairies must have exceptional metabolisms.  I guess it makes sense, as they flit probably half way around the world every day. 

Sugar...we are not going to talk about it.   I tried my hardest not to keep track of everything that went into this.  Lets just say the caloric count was depressing.

Francine, my blender, hard at work.  Workin hard for the money, so hard for it honey.

This little ball of dough has a great destiny: bringing smiles to the faces of small children.

Making the whirly-twirly cookies was splendiforous.  I am a fan and although I am well aware that my technique was not the efficient one, baketherapy is not about efficiency.

My name is Enigo Montoya.  You killed my father, prepare to die! ...or just bake into a delicious treat.

Tada! And so regardless of the nutritional value of these swirly delights, the plan is consumption by the little munchkins of room 119.  Tomorrow, it is time for a fiesta!  Can't wait! Until next time, peace, love and BAKE!  

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