Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daniel's Fast Day 15: Spare change

In spite of this current diet that is considered bland by most, my life has been anything but. I have embarked on a season of life full of unique and rich new flavor. With a dash of new adventures, a sprinkle of rekindled feelings and a pinch of surrender, as Emerill would say, life has been "kicked up a notch, BAM!". 

I just finished reading the book Forgotten God by Francis Chan.  It was a compelling book, but the most intriguing thought was when he talked about someone living stranded on an island, having only the Bible, then coming to America and joining a local church. They might be shocked at what they find.  All throughout the Bible, it talks time and time again about how we are transformed, a new creation.  In that transformation we are given the Spirit, and instilled with His power, a power that is unrivaled by anything this Earth has to offer. Yet, how changed are we? What marks our lives as different?  If a seal has been set upon our hearts and we are claimed as His, do we even look or act differently both individually and severally as the body of Christ?

I have been mulling over these questions for a few days now.  I yearn to be different, to be set apart, captivated so much by my Creator that my life is noticeably marked.  Is it? Is the Church? Is the Body? My prayer and desire is that with the blandness of food that the Daniel's fast, I can focus more on seasoning my life with the Lord.  No more bland, colorless, lukewarm life, no more toe-dippin, we are called to go all in. We are changed, live like it.

This encapsulates my feelings with some soul.
Speak it, sister!

Speaking of toe dipping, my Grandma is bound and determined to get me hooked on pedicures.  As a result, for every celebration this year so far, she has given me a gift certificate to get a pedicure.  While I must admit they are enjoyable, something that makes my visits awkward is that I am insanely ticklish on the bottom of my feet.  I glance at the people getting pedicures around me, they are calm and relaxed, reading a magazine and I am there incapable of reading due to my uncontrollable giggles.  I cannot stop laughing.  In turn everyone is just staring at me.  Since I am stuck in the chair for the bajillion hours it takes to get a pedicure, the staring continues for an immensely awkward amount of time.  I think I just wasn't made for such pampering.  They don't leave you with an escape route in salons.

Also, for my followers on the cooking front.  February 9th, marks the last day of Daniel's Fast, so be ready! I have a request for a "heart"-y meal and its gonna be a "love"ly one... hehe. Haha suckers, you are all stuck with my cheesy valentines puns.  Do you kinda wish you had that last minute of your life back and didn't read my puns? Sorry... 

Peace and love to y'all!

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  1. I'll exchange the minute of cheesy puns for that Jennifer Hudson video - wow, that was a terrific performance! Thanks, sweetie, for sharing.