Monday, January 31, 2011

Daniel's Fast Day 31: Let it snow, just add comfort food

Reality: Cold weather brings on an insatiable hunger for comfort food.  It is currently 5°F... 5!  That is verging on I-might-as-well-be-living-in-the-south-pole-with-the-penguins cold.  

The one down side to being on the fast, is that these cold days require massive amounts of comfort food and rabbit food is NOT comfort food no matter how hard you try to pretend it is.  

One upside to this glorious moment of life is this splendiferous thing otherwise known as a SNOW DAY!  I'm not gonna lie...I, the workaholic, did a snow day dance when I found out.  I love snow days!  They are one of life's many blessings here in this beautiful state.  For clarification all you Texans, a 1/2 inch of snow DOES NOT merit a snow day.  Our snow day tomorrow is totally legit.  

I plan on spending my snow day with a book.  A good book.  Maybe two books.  The world is my oyster tomorrow.  Ok, well not the world per say because I am probably not leaving my 1000 sq. ft. apt for anything except the gym which is a building away.  

So plans thus far include:

1. Getting my book worm on with a book that has been
sitting on my bookshelf for far to long.
2. Some solid thoughts on God from my man John Piper.

3. Hamster wheel aka the gym.

4. Spaghetti squash = delicious. In terms of spaghetti:
 if the pasta and the squash were put in a cage, pasta 
you are going down, the squash wins.

5. Of course, no snow day is a snow day without a
cozy fire. In my papasan. Oh yeah, be jealous.
So, despite the lack of comfort food, I will celebrate my snow day in style enjoying my favorite things. Now if only Sin Banderas could be here with me giving a private concert, then well... I wouldn't be complaining. <3 

Thus begins project I-need-to-learn-how-to-relax.  Git R zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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